Desi High Street

A British based online marketplace that curates and connects independent South Asian fashion brands, empowering customers to shop online confidently.

Desi High Street is a virtual marketplace for all South Asian high street and mall based brands, that cater to a global audience.

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About Desi High Street

Originally established in 2015 in Leeds,  Desi High Street is due to relaunch  later this year focussed entirely on fashion. Our aim is to make Desi High Street® a dual purpose online marketplace creating links between South Asian fashion brands with both internal and external customers globally.

We work in two key ways.

Firstly, we connect fashion retailers in South Asia with customers globally on a B2C marketplace.

Secondly, we connect South Asian fashion wholesalers and distributors with retailers globally on a B2B marketplace.

How Does Desi High Street Work?

From a solo customer perspective, the marketplace offers a curated shopping experience across many independent brands but using one shopping basket and with payment at the one check out.

From an industry buyer or small business perspective the site differentiates clearly the section which is for wholesale /distribution and is password protected . Shopfronts display prices and minimum order quantities clearly.

Whether selling directly to a customer or to a retailer our website works the same way.

Who’s Talking About Us?

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