Frequently Asked Questions

We call the businesses that we accept onto our website our Selling Partners. This is because we see ourselves and the sellers working in partnership on Desi High Street®

See information further below at the end of the FAQs specifically on the cost of selling on Desi High Street.

There are currently no joining fee’s to sell on Desi High Street.

We do not have listing fees to sell on Desi High Street.

We are looking to host a hugely diverse mix of fashion items. As such we are willing to consider most fashion items that have an ethnic background or appeal.

At this stage we are not accepting non-fashion items.

To be a Selling Partner on Desi High Street you must be retailer of ethnic or ethnic inspired goods. We have an online application process to become a Selling Partner and we reserve the right to decline any applications.

As a Selling Partner we ask that your inventory is kept up-to-date to ensure accurate stock and pricing. We expect set handling and delivery times to be adhered to, and all customer support requests should be dealt with promptly (within 1 working day). Failure to do so could result in your shop being removed from Desi High Street. Expectations are clearly set out in detail in our Selling Partners Terms and Conditions. We expect all successful selling partners to be up to date with our Terms and Conditions.

Yes. We only support and allow Selling Partners onto our marketplace that physically own their own stock and take their own pictures.
Selling partners should ensure that they take all their own photos to show that they have physical stock for sale.
Professional photographs should only be used if the Selling Partner has gained specific rights to upload those photographs onto Desi High Street.

In all listings Selling Partners should include photographs of their stock. If a seller is thought to be running their business without physical stock then Desi High Street may at its own discretion remove that Selling Partners Shop and deactivate their account(s) from the site without notice or prior warning to the Selling Partner.

Not necessarily but we do prefer professional looking photographs . But we have found that good quality , well lit and presented photographs maximise sales for our selling partners. Product imagery is an essential part of online shopping and as such shoppers want at least three clear photographs of the product, because consumers want a 360 degree view of items and or the detail of the item.

You will need the following:

Both Paypal and Stripe Accounts
Telephone number
Business address
VAT number, if your company is VAT registered.
E-mail address
Physical Stock
Copyright free photographs of your stock.
All selling partners must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use and Terms and Conditions of Being a Selling Partner.

We use PayPal or Stripe as payment processors. The payment for the product will go directly into your Paypal or Stripe account. Our commission will automatically be deducted . Please visit the Stripe or Paypal website for information on their fees for using their service.

You set your own prices for your products and your postage however you please. But we would ask that if you sell elsewhere online and/or on your own website that you match the price and postage.

No, you are not committed. By submitting the application form we are able to look at your business and make a decision. But ultimately, if we offer you place to be a Selling Partner with Desi High Street®, you can cancel and not continue.

Yes, customers can leave feedback. Maintaining a high feedback rating is an important factor for success when selling online. It’s the best way for shoppers to identify you as a trustworthy merchant. Customers are more likely to purchase products from Selling Partners with good feedback and those that provide accurate product photographs and descriptions and who deliver the correct product on time.

The commission is taken as a percentage of the Full sale value = Product price + postage

All charges are subject to VAT and Payment processing fees are payable directly to the payment gateways